Benefits Of Receiving Laser Lipo Over Surgical Liposuction

For those looking for slimmer bodies with no effort involved, Laser Lipo is for you! There are many benefits in choosing laser lipo over surgical liposuction and we believe that you do not need to undergo surgery to see amazing results. Many of our patients here at CHC Aesthetics have even come for treatment in their lunch break to instantly drop a dress size and been back to work straight afterwards with no problems. This appeals to many of our clients here at Essex Laser lipo as it allows them to carry on with their normal routines, and not have to worry about being in pain after the treatment.

However, with surgical liposuction it can take weeks to recover, meaning time off from work being forced to take time away from your daily routines. As well as this, there are many scary complications to consider when receiving surgical liposuction such as lumpy, uneven results and swelling. Whereas, with Laser lipo, there are extremely minimal side effects involved in the process.

Although usually focused on the stomach and thigh areas, Laser Lipo can achieve results in many other areas of the body including arms, chin, back and much more. The incredible aspect of getting laser lipo is that you can leave with amazing results with no needles involved! Also, unlike surgical liposuction, Laser lipo is completely safe and doesn’t have any risks of scarring after the treatment and you can be bikini ready instantly. A benefit of getting Laser lipo is that you will receive instant results that will even improve over time, allowing you to lose weight quickly for any occasion coming up that you want to look that extra bit healthy and slimmer. There are many results you can achieve when receiving laser lipo including dramatically reduced cellulite, skin tightening, and weight loss.

Here at CHC Aesthetics, we assist all of our Clients individually in achieving positive, permanent and life-changing results to their appearances with our laser lipo. We offer all our clients a free consultation with our professionally trained practitioners to discuss your specific requirements and answer any questions you may possibly have before you decide if you want to receive the treatment with no obligation involved. We also offer a trial treatment for a reduced rate to allow our clients to experience the incredible results they can receive with us here at CHC Aesthetics. Our Laser lipo consists of us using lasers combined with sonic acoustic wave technology that has undergone many proven clinical trials and takes 30-40 minutes to complete. Importantly each of our treatments is supported with presso therapy to encourage the Elimination of released fats to achieve the best fat loss result after your treatment.

For your free consultation here at CHC Aesthetics give us a call at 01702 431970

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