IPL hair removal systems – be safe!

Certificates at CHC Aesthetics
Certificates at CHC Aesthetics

If you are considering laser hair removal and have dark skin, or Fitzpatrick scale 3 or above, you cannot be treated with IPL hair removal systems, but believe it or not there are some “pop up clinics “ that say it’s ok!

Using IPL on darker skin runs the risk of hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, or worse still, a burn. It takes experience to treat darker skins, which is something that we at CHC Aesthetics specialise in. Using an inexperienced aesthetician who has little knowledge of the skin and the knowledge on how to treat darker skin tones can cause severe pigmentation problems. Be warned – when you’ve been in the business as long as we have, experience is everything. Anyone offering IPL hair removal for dark skin will damage them and, at worst, could be extremely painful and could result in burns. At CHC Aesthetics we use various lasers to provide a unique and tailored service for our clients’ individual needs. Knowledge is everything: your safety matters!

Always ask to see the practitioner’s Level 4 accreditation certificate before embarking on laser hair removal, whether your skin be dark or pale. After all, it’s your body, the “clinic“ you went to may be here today and gone tomorrow. CHC Aesthetics is an established clinic with over twenty years of experience. The certificates of our advanced training in aesthetics are clearly displayed for all who attend our clinic.

Stay safe!

Penny x

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