IPL is one of our fastest hair removal treatments in canvey, using the latest laser technology.

IPL Laser Hair Removal in canvey

Laser Hair Removal in canvey

IPL hair removal is a fast, easy and a safe treatment using the latest new generation laser technology available for men and women. The treatment is for all areas of the body. We deliver professional hair removal in Canvey, where people come to us from all over the UK.
Non invasive, No pain & No needles, Patch test required

WHY CHOOSE Us for IPL hair removal in canvey?

Our Clinic carries out a procedure by using a machine that is designed to remove any unwanted hair quickly and comfortably. The machine gently heats the targeted area reaching the hair follicles (until they can no longer produce new hair). The laser energy produces gentle pulses that treat nearly any part of the body safely.Hair removal in Canvey usually takes about 10 to 30 minutes per session. Everyone has different requirements but, as a general rule, 5 to 6 sessions will provide desired results.

Is the treatment safe?

The treatment does contain powerful lasers which require being treated with care. But when in the hands of properly qualified Aesthetic Practitioners, the treatment is completely safe. Our Clinic is fully staffed by qualified personnel who hold all the highest professional qualifications currently in force and follow very high standards of expertise. With experienced staff at our Clinic, you will have an outstanding service whilst having your hair removal in Canvey.


At Essex Laser Lipo our consultants are skilled at using state of the art technology to achieve the body forms which our clients desire. The service provided by Essex Laser Lipo is a very personal one and is designed to help each of our clients individually acquire the positive lifestyle changes which this specialist and modern technology can achieve.
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