IPL is one of our fastest hair removal treatments in leigh-on-sea, using the latest laser technology.

IPL Laser Hair Removal in leigh-on-sea

Laser Hair Removal in leigh-on-sea

Hair removal in Leigh-On-Sea performs through the use of IPL (Intense Pulse Light), produced by hi-tech lasers. All our machines are used by qualified and experienced Aesthetic Practitioners, Intense Pulse Light is an advanced and versatile way of eliminating unwanted hair.
Non invasive, No pain & No needles, Patch test required

how does it work?

IPL treatment works through lasers pointing into the skin, they select the area, then destroy the unwanted hair follicles from their roots. Hair removal in Leigh-On-Sea uses the latest technology which allows the hair treatment area to be gently targeted before the lasers are operated, giving our clients the best final outcome.Most people will be able to have the treatment, but some hair and skin types are more receptive to the treatment than others. For this reason, we recommend our clients have a patch test from the outset to ensure that our clients only receive proper and professional care. We would not treat clients who suffer from specific, ongoing medical issues for which IPL would not be appropriate. If you have any concerns about this treatment, please give us a call and one of our consultants will be pleased to advise you on what’s best for you.

is the treatment safe?

The treatment does contain powerful lasers which are important to treat with care. However, at our Clinic, you’ll be in the hands of properly qualified Aesthetic Practitioners, the treatment is entirely safe. The staff at our clinic are fully qualified personnel holding all the highest Professional qualifications currently in force and conform to the highest standards of expertise which have been legally required since 2016.We have the benefit at our clinic of full professional indemnity insurance, which is only granted to Aesthetic Practitioners who meet the exact standards impose by insurers.


At Essex Laser Lipo our consultants are skilled at using state of the art technology to achieve the body forms which our clients desire. The service provided by Essex Laser Lipo is a very personal one and is designed to help each of our clients individually acquire the positive lifestyle changes which this specialist and modern technology can achieve.
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