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Our laser hair removal for Asian skin is pain-free and fine-tuned to ensure that the whole process is stress-free, with exceptional results. Using state-of-the-art machinery and technology, we can now achieve great results with all skin colours and types, using different techniques for various clients.

Procedure Time

30-90 minutes estimated


Not required

Duration Of Results

Seen immediately, lasting & enduring hair loss

Full Recovery

Immediately (estimated)

All Skin tones & hair colours can be successfully treated

Eradicating The Previous Issues With Asian Skin

Asian skin tones typically have a slightly darker colour than Caucasians and are more prone to hyperpigmentation. This is due to both the damage done by surgery and other cuts.

There are also many cells in an Asian person’s hair compared with a caucasian’s, making them stronger. Historically, these are things that have caused Asian men and women to steer away from laser hair removal.

We understand that excessive body and facial hair can be a common concern for Asian women and men, which is why we strive to help those individuals to regain their confidence.

Our laser hair removal for Asian skin, uses lasers that sufficiently target the hair follicle, missing the melanin layer which avoids any potential scarring that may have occurred with older methods of laser treatment.

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Using The Latest Technology

One of the newest laser technologies can now target melanin at the root without dispersing it into the surrounding skin. This makes it more effective on Asian people with higher concentrations of this pigment.

Laser hair removal technology has now been developed to effectively remove hair from the skin, regardless of race. The Asian skin complexion shares some unique factors with Caucasians but also contains other characteristics making it different from those found in others.

For this reason, we have seen varying rates of progression for laser treatments based on each person’s needs and now this procedure can be done safely on Asian skin.

Laser Hair Removal For Asian Skin - The Process


You will be advised to shave the area you wish for your Laser Hair Removal treatment at least 24 hours before. Also to ensure the best possible results, do not wax or pluck for at least four weeks before your appointment. You should also avoid applying any cosmetics as well as lotions and deodorant in this time frame; these can begin causing irritation leading up to treatment day which will only make things worse!

The Process:

The laser hair removal process works by targeting the melanin in your skin’s pores, which are responsible for producing new hairs. When this energy damages and goes on to destroy them at their source (the follicle), you will no longer produce any more unwanted hairs. 

Laser hair removal for Asian skin should be considered as a long-lasting option for people who are looking to remove unwanted body hair. Asian skin can safely tolerate this treatment and it causes minimal pain, making it popular among those seeking permanent solutions.

Areas That Laser Hair Removal Is Effective For




After treatment, you should avoid:

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wHY cHOOSE Our Laser Hair REMOVAL For Asian Skin?

A Free Consultation

With laser hair removal for Asian skin, before getting your treatment, you can come to visit our clinic for a free consultation to discuss treatment plans, preferences, and to get comfortable with our team and services. 

Then, we can take a painless patch test to ensure the treatment is safe to use on your skin. Our team will thoroughly take you through all treatment options too, until we can target specific areas for your goal to ensure that you get the results that you desire, and our treatment has exceeded your expectations. 

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Cannot recommend Dr Tala enough! She explained everything to me, and the results were amazing and natural-looking and it’s really boosted my confidence. I’m looking forward to my next treatment!
Charlotta Daniel
Really lovely experience for my first ever treatment! Dr Tala explained everything from start to finish and kept me comfortable throughout. The results were amazing - definitely will go back there again.
Tarin Nahar
I have to admit I was quite surprised when my girlfriend suggested that I get my back hair lasered instead of removing it at home, I actually found that the treatment didn't hurt at all and sometimes I would even even doze off while it was being done, the ladies in the clinic was very helpful and pleasant and the good news is that after a course of treatment my back hair hasn't come back, well done CHC Aesthetics you have achieved The impossible 😊
Marc Townsend


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