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For many people, laser hair removal Southend is the best way to permanently remove unwanted body hair. It’s fast and can be done on demand!

Our lasers have a variety of uses and can treat any type of skin. We are able to remove hair on most parts of the body, with arm pits being one example as well as others including arms, shoulders, neck, back, abdomen, buttocks, hands, legs, feet and chest.

Our laser hair removal treatment is a fast, safe and easy treatment, using the latest laser technology. This type of treatment is suitable for men and women with all areas of the body able to be treated.


The laser hair removal treatment works through lasers going deep into the skin and destroying the selected area of unwanted hair follicles at their roots. 

The treatment involves the most up to date technology which allows the hair treatment area to be specifically targeted before the lasers are operated to give the best end results.

The treatment used for hair removal in Southend is able to be completed quickly and efficiently by using the latest laser technology. 

The treatment is suitable for men and women and can be used on all areas of the body. We provide professional laser hair removal locally in Southend and people come to us from all over the Essex.

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Non invasive, No pain & No needles, Patch test required

Why choose us for Laser hair removal in southend?

The procedure we follow uses the only machine that is specifically designed to remove unwanted hair quickly and comfortably. 

The pain-free treatment gently heats the targeted hair follicles to the point where they can no longer produce new hair. 

Creating gentle pulses of laser energy that can treat nearly any part of the body safely with all kinds of hair removal in Southend.

There are many benefits to hair removal, and one of them is that the unwanted hairs themselves can be stressful. 

It can affect self-confidence and so having these hairs removed can dramatically improve their mood. 

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is the treatment safe and are there any side effects?

The hair removal treatment involves powerful lasers which require being treated with respect. However, at our clinic we have qualified staff who are experienced Aesthetic Practitioners, making the treatment is completely safe. 

Our clinic is staffed solely by qualified personnel who not only hold the highest professional qualifications currently available but who also conform to the high standards of expertise which are now legally required.

There is a chance some clients may experience some ‘redness’ straight away after the treatment, but this is completely normal, quite safe and soon subsides.

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Leah's Story

Leah came to CHC Aesthetics for cellulite and hair removal treatment. Here she talks about her treatment and how well everything worked for her. Another delighted customer!

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I have to admit I was quite surprised when my girlfriend suggested that I get my back hair lasered instead of removing it at home, I actually found that the treatment didn't hurt at all and sometimes I would even even doze off while it was being done, the ladies in the clinic was very helpful and pleasant and the good news is that after a course of treatment my back hair hasn't come back, well done CHC Aesthetics you have achieved The impossible 😊
Marc Townsend
Penny and Lara are both very friendly, helpful and professional. The surroundings are extremely comfortable and relaxing. The sessions are enjoyable 'me' time and the results are fantastic. I would recommend Essex Laser Lipo Clinic to anyone.
Christina Scott
The clinic is clean fresh & welcoming. Staff make you feel at ease. A thorough consult with no pressure. Treatment was personalised, non judgmental and relaxed. Owner, reception staff and trained staff had excellent customer service skills, warm welcoming. Explanation of treatments was factual. The technology available at this clinic is state of the art and its great not to have to travel to London. Reasonable price. Instant results seen. Aftercare plan tailored to suit client. Cannot recommend this company enough. You will not be disappointed!
Louise West


Most frequent questions and answers

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

The CHC Aesthetics Clinic is accredited with advanced aesthetic qualifications and is a clinic of outstanding excellence!

Clients of all skin tones and hair types can be treated. Some clients are less receptive than others, but it’s for that reason we insist upon a patch test from the outset to ensure your experience is always perfect for you.

We would not treat potential clients who suffer from specific, ongoing medical issues for which laser hair removal would not be appropriate. This can be covered in a consultation with one of our experts.

All consultations are free and private. Call to schedule your consultation today on 01702 431970.

Considering the treatment is short and that it is more comfortable than waxing, laser hair removal is completely tolerable without any major discomfort.

For optimum results, a course of between 5 and 6 sessions, each spaced over an interval of 2 to 3 weeks, is recommended.

Consultations and patch test are FREE!

Treatment for small areas starts from £75. Book a consultation for an accurate quote based on your needs.

You can also get special packages too.

Yes, we use cutting-edge technology which allows us to accommodate different skin types. So no matter if it light or dark skin, we are able to provide laser hair removal.

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