Your lockdown Laser Lipo questions – answered

Today I wanted to publish a roundup of the questions I regularly receive about laser lipo.  I’m pleased to see that the lockdown isn’t stopping you from getting in touch, and am pleased to invite questions from all clients.

Is all Laser lipo the same?

No, laser lipo services differ from clinic to clinic. The service offered by two apparently different clinics offering laser lipo treatment can vary according to the expertise and technology available.

Laser lipo paddles (handheld devices which house the actual lasers) are placed in the intended area that is to be treated by lipolysis.  The size of the laser lipo paddle and amount of lasers housed within the paddle are paramount for creating a good outcome. Some laser paddles only house a small amount of laser lights, whereas big substantial laser machines should house 400 or more lasers and are therefore able to cover a substantial area.

Some of the more expensive lipolysis laser machines are also equipped with ultrasound as well, so you have the emptying of fat cells (laser lipo) with the addition of ultrasound which destroys the fat cells. Always find a professional clinic with experience, who has a machine that does both.

What outcome can I expect from my laser lipo treatment?

Before any laser lipo treatment commences you should ask for a full consultation with a fully qualified experienced practitioner. It’s always worth checking what experience that the practitioner has, and all certificates should be clearly displayed in the clinic where you can see them.

An experienced practitioner will explain what you can expect and what results you can get. If overall weight loss is required, you should be given dietary advice to help you achieve your results.

In an ideal world you would be asked to take exercise after your treatment, however some clinics, not all, will provide lymphatic drainage and infrared therapy, which directly negates the need to have vigorous exercise after your treatment, although extra exercise is always beneficial.

Is laser lipo good at removing fat?

Yes, Laser lipo is extremely successful in removing fat from a specific area of the body and can be used on all parts of the body.

Laser lipo is a comfortable treatment, and most people find it relaxing and comfortable. Six sessions are normally required, although sometimes a maintenance programme is beneficial after the course of treatment, which depends if further fat loss is required.

Can I have more than one area treated with laser lipo within the same treatment session?

As discussed earlier in this article, more than one area can be treated within one treatment session each time you visit the clinic, but this is only possible if the clinic has a lipolysis machine that is large enough to accommodate the client’s requirements.

Can anyone have lipolysis?

Most people are suitable for this treatment, but there are a few exceptions, that is why we ask each of our clients to fill in a full medical questionnaire before commencing any treatment. The consultation should explain what you can expect, what the outcome will be and to understand exactly how this works.

What should I do after laser lipo treatment?

After each treatment you are required to drink, daily, at least 2 litres of fluids. This enables the fat cells to be easily flushed from the body.

Exercise is always a good idea, however if you present with any condition that prevents you from exercising i.e. injury etc your aesthetic practitioner should offer you an alternative way of raising your metabolic rate and clearing the released fats from your system without the need for vigorous exercise.

Is there any downtime after my treatment session?

There is no downtime after your treatment sessions; you will be able to go back to work or go about your day as normal.

How many treatments of laser lipo/lipolysis will I need?

As a general rule only six treatments are needed, but it very much depends on how the client presents and what they are aiming to achieve/

What are the benefits of laser lipo versus surgical liposuction ?

Laser lipo is a safe option compared to surgical liposuction. Multiple areas can be treated at the same time. There is no pain, no anaesthetic, no needles and fast fat loss with no downtime.

How do I choose a laser lipo clinic that is safe with the latest technology?

Firstly you must look at any clinic’s credentials. You should be assured that they comply with proper regulations and all their certificates are on show. They must have experience and a deep knowledge of the anatomy, and preferably with many years of experience.

What laser lipo Machine is best?

There are many different brands of laser lipo lipolysis machines, so choose wisely.
Strawberry laser lipo, cool sculpt lipo, 3D lipo are among the best known brands, but we fdavour a laser lipo combined platform called “Just4aesthetics” which is very different in its approach. It is, by far, more versatile than conventional simple laser lipo machines.

I have questions about laser lipo in Southend. Can I talk to you?

Absolutely. We’ll be happy to help and advise, and to see you in our clinic, and due to the lockdown we will be pleased to offer you a video consultation. The clinic is run by an all-female team of very experienced practitioners, who have seen and treated hundreds if not thousands of people over the years, and you can be confident that your question will be answered by an understanding and sympathetic professional.

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