Non Surgical Eyelid Procedure

Plasma Pen Blepharoplasty

What is Plasma Pen blepharoplasty?

Our plasma pen treatment, also known as plasma blast treatment, is a non-surgical procedure which rejuvenates the overall appearance of both the upper and lower eyelids. As we age, the natural elasticity present in our skin slowing decreases, and we are prone to discover excess skin in many areas of the body and face. Areas which are susceptible to this, in particular, are the eyelids and eye-bags. Plasma pen under eye treatment uses plasma energy to tighten the skin, resulting in an overall smoother, tighter and better-shaped eyes. 

Procedure Time

Around 30 minutes


Numbing cream offered

Duration Of Results

Immediate and on-going*

Full Recovery

3-5 days

All skin types can be successfully treated

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HOW Does our Plasma Pen therapy WORK?

Our non surgical blepharoplasty treatment is carried out by using plasma energy to shrink the top layer of the skin on the targeted area, resulting in instant tightening of the eyelids. We can apply a numbing cream before the procedure to ensure a pain-free experience. The method uses a small device which is held above the focus area, and tiny brown dots appear on the skin which tightens the overall area. We ensure the area is exceptionally focused, and no surrounding skin tissue is affected. The treatment can help with a variety of issues, including hooded eyelids, under-eye bags and baggy upper eyelids. 

Plasma pen healing process

After receiving your plasma pen therapy, you should make a full recovery in 3-5 days. Initially, you may experience some redness, sensitivity and swelling for the first days. This will then last for at least 3 years before you even need to consider going for further plasma pen treatment.

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There are many advantages to choosing plasma pen treatment rather than the surgical procedure. Our plasma pen works to extreme precision with a 0.3mm target surface area, a similar accuracy to the traditional laser, but without the risks and intrusion. The results are seen immediately after treatment and continue to improve within the first two weeks as the treated area completely heals. 

If you are interested in plasma pen blepharoplasty but are unsure if the treatment is suited to you, please feel free to book a consultation with us. We will assess your concerns, and our highly experienced practitioners will give their professional opinion of which (if any) treatment is best suited to you. All of our consultations are free of charge and are entirely non-obligatory.  

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Leah's Story

Leah came to CHC Aesthetics for cellulite and hair removal treatment. Here she talks about her treatment and how well everything worked for her. Another delighted customer!

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* Thank you for my trial on Friday I can't believe that I saw results straight away. I can not wait to come back for my next treatment. My therapist was so friendly & put me at easy. I just wish I had done it sooner!!!!!! AMAZING!!! If you are thinking of doing it just try it
Lise Dodd
* I had trial lipo laser and non-surgical face lift this week for my 50th, I cannot believe the results of both straight away and 3 days on still improving. So many people noticed the differents in my face the next day!!! Thank you so much, can't wait to start the course.
Claire B
* Had my trial session this morning and can't believe how much has gone from my stomach already! Penny is welcoming and reassuring. Felt very comfortable the entire time and can't wait to get started on my course of treatments.


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