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Fat Freezing In Essex

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Fat Freezing In Essex

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Reduce stubborn fat with our fat freezing treatment in Essex. Our trained specialists have years of experience and are committed to helping you reduce the appearance of fat.

We use the latest state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

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Fat Freezing In Essex


Fat freezing, which is also referred to as Cryolipolysis, is a type of cosmetic treatment that does not involve any incision or surgery. The aim of this procedure is to target and remove fat cells by exposing them to extremely low temperatures. 

The technique involves the application of a specialised device that administers controlled cooling to targeted regions of the body, including the arms, abdomen, thighs, and love handles.

The procedure involves subjecting the specific fat cells to extremely low temperatures, causing them to freeze and ultimately perish. The body’s inherent mechanisms will subsequently eliminate the dead cells, ultimately leading to a decrease in the quantity of fat in the treated region.

Although fat freezing is generally acknowledged as safe and efficient, it might not be appropriate for all individuals. It is crucial to seek advice from a qualified medical expert to evaluate if the treatment is suitable for you and to talk about any possible risks or adverse effects.

The Coolsculpt Procedure

The coolsculpt procedure
  1. Fat cells appear in certain areas of the body that are prone to weight gain.

  2. The coolsculpt technology actually kills fat cells and eliminates them through the body with controlled cooling.

  3. In the weeks following treatment, you can enjoy watching those stubborn pounds melt away as they’re excreted naturally by way of your digestive system!

  4. This treatment provides long-term results for eradicating fat, unlike those other treatments that just make it go away in the short term.
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Fat Freezing In Essex



Our established clientele is drawn from both sexes and across the board of ages, backgrounds, and requirements. 

Whilst we certainly provide a niche service, our clients themselves come from the broadest range. 

We ensure that all our new clients receive the same welcome and caring attention, whatever their individual needs. 

As the only additional element of our specialist services, we are also pleased to provide expert advice on nutrition and sensible exercise routines.

Fat Freezing in Essex

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To undergo CoolSculpt/fat freeze treatment, you should be in generally good health. Most people are suitable candidates for fat freezing. It is recommended as a safe treatment for individuals who are unable to undergo more invasive procedures such as liposuction, due to the risks associated with anaesthetic. 

However, a full consultation accompanied with a medical questionnaire will be completed with you by your aesthetic practitioner, who will address any health issues you may have.

The length of a fat freezing procedure may differ based on the quantity and size of the targeted areas. Usually, a complete session takes roughly 45-60 minutes.

The amount of fat freezing procedures required to attain the desired outcome may differ based on various aspects such as the person’s physique, the treatment site’s size and location, and the quantity of fat to be eliminated. Typically, individuals need several treatments to attain the best possible results.

The number of recommended treatments may differ from person to person, but generally individuals will need 2-4 treatment sessions separated by a period of 4-6 weeks. A few individuals may need more treatments, while some others may attain their desired outcomes with lesser number of treatments.

It is crucial to understand that fat freezing is not a method of losing weight and should not be used as a replacement for a balanced diet and consistent physical activity. Its purpose is to help individuals who struggle with stubborn areas of fat that do not respond to traditional diet and exercise methods.

Personalised recommendations for the required number of fat freezing treatments to attain the desired outcomes, considering individual objectives and needs, can be provided by a certified healthcare expert. They can also offer guidance on the possible hazards or adverse effects associated with the procedure.

Observing the results of fat freezing usually takes around 2-3 months after the procedure. Nevertheless, some individuals might notice alterations in the treated area after just 3-4 weeks following the treatment.

If you have any worries regarding the outcomes of your fat freezing treatment or the period it would take to observe any changes, it is crucial to seek advice from an authorised medical expert who can offer individualised advice and clear any doubts.

While having the treatment, the focused region may experience a sensation of coldness or numbness because of the regulated cooling, however, the process is generally not painful.

During the suctioning process, individuals may encounter some slight discomfort, such as a feeling of pulling or tugging as the device pulls the desired area. Nonetheless, this discomfort is usually short-lived and fades away once the cooling process starts.

Following the treatment, individuals may encounter short-term redness, inflammation, or bruising in the targeted region, which usually diminishes within a couple of days. Additionally, some individuals may undergo momentary numbness or tingling in the treated area, which could persist for a few days or weeks.

If you are worried about the possible uneasiness from the procedure of fat freezing, it is crucial to have a conversation with our trained medical experts who can give tailored advice and address any uncertainties you may have.

We recommend you do not consume large meals immediately before your procedure, or directly afterwards.

Results will start to be visible after 2 or 3 weeks with the final result between 6-10 weeks.

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At CHC Aesthetics our consultants are skilled at using state of the art technology to achieve the body forms which our clients desire. 

The service provided by CHC Aesthetics is a very personal one and is designed to help each of our clients individually acquire the positive lifestyle changes which this specialist and modern technology can achieve.


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