Laser Hair Removal in thorpe bay

Professional Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a fast, safe and easy treatment that uses the latest laser technology. The treatment is suitable for men and women, where all areas of the body can be treated. We provide professional hair removal in Thorpe Bay and people come to us from all over the UK.


The procedure we follow uses the only machine that is specifically designed to remove unwanted hair quickly. It works by gently heating the targeted hair follicles until the root can no longer produce new hair. With gentle pulses of laser energy that can treat the majority of the body and is safe with all kinds of hair removal in Thorpe Bay.

The recommended amount of sessions per client is about 5-6, however, everyone is different and has different requirements. Each treatment lasts around 10-30 minutes per area.

Laser hair removal in Thorpe Bay is most effective when you follow the particular course of treatment recommend by our consultants. Not everyone is the same and we treat each client according to his or her own requirements.

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is the treatment safe?

The hair removal treatment involves powerful lasers which require being used by a qualified and experienced person. That’s why here at CHC Aesthetics you’re in the hands of properly qualified and experienced Aesthetic Practitioners, making the treatment completely safe. Our clinic is staffed solely by qualified personnel who hold the highest professional qualifications to date, but who also have already confirmed to the very high standards of expertise which will be legally required as from next year. The only type of side effect for a client to receive is that they may receive some ‘redness’ straight after the treatment, but this is very normal, quite safe and soon subsides.
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At CHC Aesthetics our consultants are skilled at using state of the art technology to achieve the body forms which our clients desire. The service provided by CHC Aesthetics is a very personal one and is designed to help each of our clients individually acquire the positive lifestyle changes which this specialist and modern technology can achieve.
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