How do I choose the right fat loss treatment?

The most commonly used technologies for non-invasive fat loss treatments are Cryo fat freezing or laser lipo. As the names suggest, one system uses the application of coldness to destroy the fat cells, and the other uses heat to destroy the fat cells.

The best method of fat removal for you will be suggested and explained at your consultation, when all medical history is discussed and addressed. Because we are all so different, what suits one person will not necessarily suit another. For example, post-pregnancy fat is very different from fat that’s been laid down over the years, male fat also presents very differently to female fat, and of course there is the question of how long the fatty deposits have been there.

Issues such as skin type, age, stretchmarks , loose skin or whether skin tightening is required are all taken into account. There is no point in destroying fat and being left with loose skin!

A good example where fat freezing should not be used is if the client presents with loose stretched skin. Fat freezing, in this instance, will only serve to make this condition worse therefore a reputable clinic will suggest something different. Another example for using fat freezing over laser lipo would be anyone of a skin type 4 and above on the Fitzpatrick scale, as this can cause pigmentation.

The immediate differences between cryo fat freezing or laser lipo is that cryo fat freezing requires one treatment. If this is option is chosen the fat crystallises and has to be broken down and metabolised over a period of six weeks. However, this process can be sped-up and you should discuss this with your aesthetic practitioner, especially if you require a more immediate effect. You should be aware that there are many clinics starting to open that do not have the choice of technologies to do this, so the best advice would be to ask these questions at your consultation.

If laser lipo is chosen , this typically requires around six treatments, so it would be necessary to attend the clinic on six separate occasions over the weeks.

Both methods work equally well, however there are contraindications for both of these non-invasive powerful treatments.

A full medical consultation will take place at all times to ensure a safe and good outcome. Your general health will also be taken into account by your practitioner.

A good, experienced clinic will offer multiple solutions to any of your concerns; sometimes you need other technologies or treatments alongside having fat freezing or laser lipo to achieve the desired result.

So the bottom line in wondering which fat loss treatment will work best for you, is best left to your aesthetic practitioner. You should ensure that you attend a clinic with a good reputation, that has been a long-standing and established clinic with high levels of qualification.

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