5 tips to get Collagen Wand Stimulation Therapy over surgical treatments

Collagen Wand Stimulation Therapy is a non-surgical treatment that uses Radiofrequency with ultrasound waves to heat up the deep layers of skin without damaging the outer layer of skin and encourages the production of new collagen in the body. The treatment is recommended to be repeated with a minimum of 6 treatments. This will result in a significant improvement in Clients’ skin tightness and facial definition. However, occasional “maintenance” treatments can provide a “perk-up” for Clients who have not undertaken the full course. The treatment is completely safe and doesn’t require any needles, anaesthetics or prescribed drugs, this allows our clients to feel at ease when getting their treatments knowing there are minimal side effects involved.

Collagen Wand Stimulation Therapy vs. Surgical Treatments

  • The Treatment is completely painless and is described as warm, pleasant and comfortable without any needles or anaesthetics needed. On the other hand, with a surgical facelift, you will require being put on sedation anaesthesia as the pain would be too much otherwise.
  • The Collagen Wand Stimulation Therapy treatment doesn’t require any rest or down time and you can go straight back to work once the session is completed. This compares to surgical facelifts that require at least 2 weeks to recover from surgery.
  • There are extremely minimal side effects to Collagen Wand Stimulation Therapy. There may possibly be a temporary and slight redness over the treated areas immediately after a session of treatment, but this will subside within an hour or so. However, as part of your course of treatment, we will provide our clients with a cooling “anti-ageing collagen” mask, which results in most Clients leaving the Clinic looking fresh-faced and invigorated. As well as this, makeup can be applied straight away to cover any redness if you wish to go back to work the same day. In comparison, surgical facelifts come with many side effects and risks.
  • Results that last for years without having to get a ‘top up’.
  • Collagen Wand Stimulation Therapy is the Best Non-Surgical, Non-invasive Treatment for Lifting and Tightening Skin.

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