Your fat freezing questions – answered

Here at CHC Aesthetics we are frequently asked about the fat freezing procedures we offer, and how they can help our clients lose fat, lose inches or lose weight. In this blog post, we will endeavour to answer some of the most common queries.

Do I have to diet before I undergo fat freezing? 

No, you do not have to diet, however it will help if you have a healthy, mindful eating plan.  Losing fat is all about eating and not about being hungry!

We suggest some exercise if possible even if it’s just walking, because this will help to raise your metabolic rate thus helping your body to clear the stored fat from your system after your treatment.  If exercise is not possible, then your practitioner can advise on another solution. 

What can I do to get the best results from fat freezing?

A clean eating plan is important.  Choose a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in good fats such as coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil and nut oils.  Also, keeping your diet high in lean protein (chicken or fish) alongside green vegetables and taking regular exercise is recommended.

Keeping the diet uncomplicated will assist the body to easily eliminate the stored fats that have been released by the fat freezing method, as will adding a little apple cider vinegar to a glass of water, to be taken in the morning.

The much-maligned coffee is helpful when taken fresh and black first thing in the morning, this will enhance the elimination of the destroyed fat cells by the body quickly.

There are many ways to speed up the elimination of these destroyed fat cells, and lots of ways you can enhance and get the best from your treatment I have mentioned.

When do the results show for fat freezing/fat-freezing-essex? 

Basically, fat freezing is an ongoing process, the results continue to improve over time and sometimes it’s possible that you may not see the results for up to 12 weeks depending on your body type.

However there are some clinics that can encourage the release of these stored fat cells faster by using intelligent technology, so results are seen right from the start.  This is always assessed at the time of your consultation, but not all clinics will do it.  Only specialist clinics can offer the option for faster results so it’s a good idea to check what your chosen clinic will offer in terms of pre-treatment care and aftercare.

How much should cryo fat freezing cost?

The cost depends very much on what the clinic is going to provide you with.  Pricing will vary from clinic to clinic you can expect to pay more if the clinic suggests perhaps other methods such as laser lipo, cavitation or radio-frequency to help you lose fat.  Finding an experienced clinic that has been using this technology for an established period of time is vital for a good outcome.

Will fat freezing tighten my skin?

There is a short answer to this question and the answer is no.  Fat freezing will not tighten the skin; other methods of technology are available to tighten the skin if needed.

cryo fat freeze

Will the fat come back?

If the treatment for fat freezing has been done correctly then the fat cells are dead and they will not come back.  However it must be remembered that we have a great many fat cells and sometimes more than one treatment is needed.  This will be discussed at the time of your consultation with your aesthetic practitioner.

Who is not suitable for fat-freezing-essex or cryo fat freezing ?

Fat freezing is suitable for most men and women but there are some exception.

Some people may be contra-indicated, such as diabetics , people who are on particular kinds of drugs (for example blood thinners), pregnancy, breastfeeding, and people with serious health issues or who have pacemakers fitted.  These examples of contra-indications is not designed to be comprehensive though – there are many other options for people who are contraindicated for fat freezing and your aesthetic practitioner will be able to advise.

How do I know if the clinic is experienced in this treatment?

A free consultation is often provided and should be attended.  During the consultation a full medical questionnaire should be completed with your aesthetic practitioner. 

All training certificates should be clearly displayed within the clinic and you should feel satisfied that all your questions are answered adequately.  Your aesthetic practitioner should explain to you how the system works and what outcome you can expect, which will vary from client to client as we are all different.

You should feel confident with your aesthetic practitioner in the knowledge that they are highly trained in providing you with the expert knowledge that is required to operate this technology.

These kinds of treatments should never just be booked over the phone / email without an adequate in-depth medical consultation being provided first. The important thing to remember in all of this is that you feel safe and comfortable within a clinical environment and with your aesthetic practitioner.

A good indication of the clinic’s experience is to look at the reviews over a long period of time, possibly years and not just recent ones.  Always remember, attending a professional clinic will ultimately set your mind at rest.

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